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Twisted Logic

Even a pretzel isn’t twisted enough to describe what goes on in the mind of a guy like this:


But it’s safe to say that somewhere in there he decided his beliefs took precedence over logic. And the faith of his victims surely made them easier targets.  “…a prosecutor told jurors that Anthony Hopkins terrorized his wife and young children, isolated them and used the Bible to manipulate them.” Of course he did, that’s pretty much all the Bible – and other religious books – are good for, and why they’re invented.

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  • Thanks! This makes things clearer! I will most likey check this whole blog out again, thanks again, OP!

  • Callia says:

    I voted for Obama but he is starting to really disappoint me and slowly changing my opinion of him from a positive one to a negitive one.

  • admin says:

    I understand completely. Unfortunately, the other options would have been, IMO, much worse. McCain has been a relative nonentity since the election, but Palin has even started embarrassing lifelong Republicans with her ignorance.

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  • Kiesha Nack says:

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  • eve isk says:

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