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An open mind and a hole in the head are not the same thing!

Honesty and insults

I’ve recenly had a few believers claim that by denying the existence of their deity, I am insulting them.

Maybe they’re right. After all, by denying that the claim they have yet to prove is true, I am implying that it is false, and thus implying that they are either lying or being fooled and thus gullible idiots. Of course, this is not my fault, because they ARE either lying – and claiming to know that which you only believe is still lying – or being fooled themselves, or their claim is true. If their claim is true, they need only prove that it is true, and I will gladly and sincerely apologize. However, barring that proof, I can only presume they are either intentionally claiming to know that which they do not, OR they are themselves being fooled. Neither of those is very flattering.

But then, they can easily avoid being insulted by providing proof. I’m waiting.

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