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Tea Party Logic


14 Responses to “Tea Party Logic”

  • It’s funny how people with opposing views argue with each other as often as they do. More often (at least here on thoughts) do I see someone to say your wrong about this this and that, then I hear someone say, great post I totally agree with you. But here specifically in the religous sections this is so much more evidant. It’s like we’re attracted to what sets us off. Or attracted to what we must correct (regardless if intentions are positive or negitive).

  • Many threads here seem to try and disprove other people’s faith. I have no problem with the idea of faith – there are a few things that I take on faith that I have never seen myself with my own two eyes – such as the brain in the person next to me, and the theory of the atom etc. I have looked at the evidence and made a decision that it is probably true.

  • admin says:

    People tend to argue about what affects them. In the case of religion, religion is constantly trying to control the behavior of not only its followers but others who do not believe and thus resist being controlled – hence conflict.

  • Keep on believing these “polls” and allow yourself to be pacified you bobbleheads because you think “your side” is winning.

  • Awww… Bob Shrum has a warm fuzzy for all of the Republicans in Congress now. NOW we’re going to get things done! Where do they find these brainless morons?

  • Barry Rich says:

    I want two thirds of the state of Virginia turned into my personal estate with 100 rooms with 50 foot ceilings and a 200 foot fountain in the driveway with a custom built Hummer the size of a quarry truck and genetic designed mastiffs that stand 20 feet tall at the shoulders and weigh six hundred pounds!

  • This is a bad deal for the public, but when has that ever stopped the government from approving it?

  • Rena Tisdale says:

    Where was the person responsible for roundin’ those voters up~?

  • What a waste of my Tax Dollars.

  • this is what the american voters voted for.. well some of them anyway.

  • enabled this. And the indies and disaffected Democrats who switched to vote for Republicans, because change was happening fast enough or whatever, have enabled the party that gave us 8 years of dismal job growth. I’ll never understand the logic behind voting these guys back in power.

  • admin says:

    So, you’re Republican?

  • Here’s all anyone needs to know about our relationsh­­ip with Egypt. We give them millions of dollars in foreign aid, they gave us Mohammed Atta and dancing in the streets on 9/11

  • admin says:

    I’m not sure it’s exactly logical to equate the actions of some with the entire country. I’d hate to be blamed for Sarah Palin or the Tea` Party rallies, just because one – or several – morons decided to participate.

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